Wednesday, August 5, 2009


The Glare Is Everywhere and Nowhere A Shadow

- Maxim Gorky, "Boredom"

This sentence is an excerpt from Maxim Gorky's "Boredom", in which he describes and analyses Cooney Island, from its impact, its build, and ultimately its mere existence.

This blog is not about Gorky or his works, although they might be featured occasionally.

The sentence The Glare Is Everywhere and Nowhere A Shadow is a reflection of the blog's contents and intentions. The blog is a look at hidden layers in metropolitan life, be it in the domains of architecture, sociology, art, and every other phantom story the metropolis has to offer, although all that appears at first is a surface with an effortless glare. The blog will feature essays, photographs, prose, and poems about the problematic of modern life, especially in the city of Beirut, portrayed in diverse domains, works ranging from my writings and works, to those of established artists, from true reports to complete fiction.

I hope you enjoy browsing through this blog, and appreciate any intervention.

Hisham Awad

Beirut, Lebanon

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